Neil Slade's album of electric jazz/rock fusion.


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INVISIBLE MUSIC is the Neil's first multi-track recording , released in 1982, re-mastered 2019

This album of electric jazz/rock fusion reflects the eclecticism of the Frank Zappa school of non-convention, but also equally from John McLaughlin jazz veins, and Stravinsky and other neo-classic and  avant garde fluorescence.


Featuring his trio "Tammy and The Dinettes"-

Bobby Wolfson on drums

Tammy Diebert and Tim Lightburn on bass

Neil on soprano and alto saxophones, piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Korg synthesizer, and screech violin solo.

Special appearance by Voncie as Homer.


Listen with headphones for the best experience!

All compositions Copyright 2019 by Neil Slade.
Engineered and mastered by Neil Slade.   100 various videos