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Acoustic Guitar Duets by Neil Slade and Fred Poindexter.


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Cosmic Conversations is a series of original acoustic guitar duets featuring Neil Slade and Fred Poindexter.

Fred primarily plays acoustic steel string guitar, providing the rhythmic and harmonic base over which Neil performs solo melodic lines on nylon string classical guitar.

Percussion, bass, and saxophone featured on some of the tracks

Fred is featured as a soloist on "Teriyaki", and Neil performs all instruments as a solo ensemble on
"Happy Synapses"

All tracks have been reproduced here at the highest audiophile bit rate quality, 320kbps. This provides a listening experience
identical to the original master recording, and is superior to the typical mp3 quality download.


For further information regarding this music used to produce non-sensory and extrasensory perception, please see the page:

As a rule, instrumental non-vocal music works best for producing non-sensory/extra-sensory brain stimulation. For that purpose
the two tracks #4, I Ain't Usin' My Brain Blues", and track #12, "Click Your Amygdala" may optionally be skipped or omitted while listening
or not depending on one's personal preferences.


All compositions Copyright 2019 by Neil Slade.
Engineered and mastered by Neil Slade.  100 various videos