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A Starry Night
45 Minutes of the most romantic and beautiful music! Flute, Harp, Vibe, Keyboards, Recorder, Bamboo Flute, Bells, Celeste sounds performed by Neil Slade. This is a special collection of relaxing music, for lights out, hot bath, meditation, for that connection to the cosmos and all good things.
Brain Jazz

Brain Jazz is a collection of Neil Slade's new Jazz Group recordings, featuring Neil on acoustic and electric keyboards and other instruments, Chuck Schneider on sax, flute, and clarinet, Mark Foster on drums, John Thornburg on acoustic upright bass, and Gannon Kashiwa on electric bass guitar. 45 minutes of ecletic instrumental music and jazz.

Brain Magic 2 with Creativity From Another Dimension
BRAIN MAGIC 2 is a 58 day series of daily activities to boost your brain self-control and automatically turn on your brain's infinity circuits. It is a companion and follow up to "Tickle Your Amygdala" and "Frontal Lobes Supercharge". BONUS book: Creativity From Another Dimension with Julia Lu, artist extraordinaire- who shares her secrets of creativity and paranormal sensitivity.
Brain Tuning Deluxe Music Edition
A special collection from the Neil Slade Brain Music catalog featuring 2.6 hours of music and another hour of sound suitable for Music 4 ESP listening, plus the 2014 2nd Edition of Brain Tuning for both Kindle and all Epub devices and apps.
Brain Tuning Ebook
BRAIN TUNING with Have Fun! Anti-Rules-- Shows you how to use music to change consciousness; automatically turn on positive emotion, increase creativity, learn effortlessly, and tap into paranormal perception.
Cosmic Conversations- Extended Version
Acoustic Guitar Duets by Neil Slade and Fred Poindexter (with additional instruments).
THE BOOK OF MAGIK- Guitar Brain Music For ESP

The Book of Magik- Guitar Music For ESP-  Five Song Guitar Suite by Neil Slade and Fred Poindexter, acoustic and electric guitars.  25 Minutes

The Frontal Lobes Supercharge
The world's best selling book on Brain Self-Control shows any person how to turn on the best parts of their brain as easy as clicking on a light switch. 7th Edition with bonus audio.
Tickle Your Amygdala
Tickle Your Amygdala shows you the easiest way to turn on the best parts of your brain! Ebook for all devices, computers, and bonus 80 minute audio MP3